On May 14, 2020, Reopen Charles County was born. After nearly two months of an irrational stay-at-home order, Governor Larry Hogan had announced that Maryland could begin to recover from draconian COVID-19 restrictions, but the Charles County Commissioners had other ideas. A two-week delay catapulted the citizens of Charles County into action.

For nearly 18-months, Reopen Charles County has been the leading citizen-advocacy group in the community. No one has been more effective in giving a platform and a voice to the every day citizens of Charles County than Reopen Charles County. We have succeeded in influencing our Board of Commissioners to reopen our county in line with the governor at every step and stage. We have advocated for the successful return to in-person learning. But the madness isn't over yet.

On July 29, 2021, the brand new superintendent of schools, Dr. Maria Navarro, unilaterally returned all of Charles County Public Schools students and staff to an indoor mask mandate. Shortly after that, on August 10, 2021, after an entire summer with fresh air and freedom, the Charles County Board of Commissioners unconstitutionally declared a local state of emergency and reinstated an indoor mask mandate for all public spaces in the County. 

The community is done with the tyranny.

Reopen Charles County LLC was created to be a permanent advocacy network for the people of Charles County who want to live in a community that values human freedom, school choice, small business success, and the free association of persons without fear of reprisal.